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      Well it has been awhile, but here I am ready to share with you something old and something new.  I am talking about the song, and now the movie, "I Can Only Imagine".  
   By now, many of you may have seen the movie, as I have yet to see it.  But I thought that it would be appropriate to feature these videos.  Yes, videos.  I have the old video, and the new official video from the new movie
   I recently listened to an interview with Bart (from "Mercy Me") and his wife on "Focus On The Family" (which you can go on their website in their archives and listen to).  I was surprised to learn that the song was actually about his dad.  He revealed that his dad was in an accident that nearly took his life.  After the accident, his dad had changed to what he called a "monster".  
   Unfortunately, his dad physically abused him.  Well, you can listen to the interview, or watch the move to find out the details, except to say one thing.  His dad did come to Jesus, and somehow, there was reconciliation.  
   The song is about his dad, after he died, wondering what he is seeing.  
   I have always liked this song, but after listening to the interview, I found a new love for this song.  Also, I heard a testimony about hope where there seemed to be no hope at all.
   Praise be to God and for His mercy and grace. 


Video of the week (3/17/18)(Official Movie Video)

Original video