Peace is the theme for the second week of advent.  Peace in the midst of chaos seems to be impossible.  Yet, in Christ, the impossible can become the possible.  We as Christians have the hope of the world, because our hope rests in the eternal God and in His Son Jesus.  It is in this hope that peace is possible.  
   The world sees peace as the absence of conflict, but in reality it is the resolution of conflict through Christ.  It is the Holy Spirit who introduces us to Christ, and our need for Him.  Our need to be reconciled with a Holy and Just God who can lead us to reconciliation, in which we find fulfillment with hope that leads to peace.
   Now world peace may not come until Christ returns, but it is possible to find peace even in the midst of chaos.
   As evidence of this peace amidst of chaos, I show you two videos.  
   First is the "Video of the Week" called "It Could Happen Again".  Based on a true story in 1914 in the middle of a battle in World War I, the two sides dropped their guns, and had an unofficial truce.
   The second video takes place during the Civil War.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow lay by his son's side who had been critically wounded in battle.  Already loosing his wife in a tragic fire, he listens to the Christmas bells outside, and is moved by the spirit write down his thoughts.

Video of the week (12/10) (Peace)


Video of the Week (12/3)(Hope)

   Advent is here ushering in another Christmas season.  During the Christmas season, our time seems to become more limited.  Christmas parties, shopping, decorating, and all the things that come with the season seem to crowd our lives; making Christmas time busy, hectic, and without joy.
   So here at church, we take the season to remember what Christmas is all about.  While it is a time for preparing, advent helps us to prepare our hearts for Christmas.  Advent reminds us about the hope, peace, joy, and love that comes with the arrival of Christ.  
   While the world would have us worry if we have the right gift, the perfect dinner, and the greatest decorations, Advent guides us to the important things about Christmas; that God has provided everything we ever needed through His Son Jesus!
   The first week of Advent is hope.  So this weeks videos are based on hope.
   First, we have Danny Gokey.  Danny first became known to people after appearing on "American Idol".  However four weeks before his audition, his wife passed away from congenital heart disease.  His story is what the first video is about.  
   The second video, the "Video of the Week", is Danny's song "Tell Your Heart to Beat Again".  Included in this video is the story behind the song.

   Our hope does not rely on other people, or even on ourselves.  Our hope relies upon God's Son Jesus Christ.  It is in Him that our hope rests.
   The next video is from Selah (featuring Amy Perry).  Amy gives her testimony about her false hope, and then finding real hope in God.  Listen to Amy's testimony and then her song "I Look to You."  
   May these videos inspire you to the real hope found in the person of Jesus!