October's Monthly Mission
   Our congregation here at Pleasant Valley focuses on a specific mission each month.  We take time as a congregation during our morning worship service to focus in on each month's mission.  This month's mission focus is on the "Faith Mission of Elkhart."  Our goal is to provide as many meals we can for "Thanksgiving" for the people at the Faith Mission in Elkhart.  $1.79 provides one meal and care that changes lives.  A gift of $51.91 will provide 29 meals and care. $103.82 provides 58 meals and care to help make a huge difference in the lives of our homeless, hungry neighbors
   The following information is from the Faith Mission's web site: (thefaithmission.org).

 "For the poor will never cease to be in the land; therefore I command you, saying, 'You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor in your land.'"  Deuteronomy 15:11

Faith Mission of Elkhart, Inc. is a Christian social service agency which provides food, shelter, clothing and other services for homeless individuals. The Mission is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization independently governed by a volunteer board of directors. Funding for Faith Mission comes from individuals, churches and local businesses. We are not a United Way member agency and receive very limited Government funding.

1085 - Men
258 - Women
142 - Children
(639 Individuals - Unduplicated count)

131,437 Resident meals served
55,750 Community walk-in meals served
15,950 Nappanee Hot Meal Site
5,150 Middlebury Hot Meal Site
(208,287)Total meals served)

14,492 Attendances


3,174 Self-Improvement attendances
272 Counseling sessions
5,357 Case management sessions

Employment Opportunities
727 Jobs acquired - Full/Part time/Day labor

8,128 Pick-up & delivery contacts

Thrift Store
4,238 Pieces of clothing & other items for residents

*Daily average bed use - 124. Average stay - 68 days.